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Koppitsch and we do Natural Wine at Neusiedlersee in Austria.
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Maria & Alex Koppitsch


We are super busy in the vineyards at the moment. The vines are growing quickly and it is very important to be out there every single day. Cleaning the trunks and tugging in the shoots – that’s what’s on over here 😉

keep your eyes peeled for our super FUN and joyous

HOMOK 2021
ROZSA 2021
RÉT 2021
LEMON Pinot Noir Carbonic 2020
learn more about them here


our LAST RELEASES sold out quickly. thank you all for your support!

Perspektive Weiss 2020
Perspektive Rot 2019
TOUCH 2020
learn more about them here

Pretty Nuts 2021 – that’s what it was, right?
find out more about our energetic Petillant Naturel here

if you are craving for some disco vibes get yourself some
★ AEON WHITE 2018 ★
look into its essence here

Something special for you. Our fanbase. Magnums only.
LEMON 2020
!new vintage out now!

We don’t sell directly to private customers.
Please get in touch with us and we will connect you with your nearest Koppitsch dealer.

for 2 reasons. We do not have appropriate facilities for private tastings. Our winery is basically the home of Alex’s parents and we don’t have a tasting room. Also, our vineyards and our 3 boys keep us always very busy. In order to keep up with nature’s pace and our family’s needs, we don’t have enough time for private tastings. BUT, in case you are visiting Neusiedlersee and want to learn about our wines and our philosophy, please get in touch with us. There is a chance for tastings at a very cool natural wine bar in Neusiedl am See. NEUSIEDLER is the name of the bar. Check out their details on IG: @neu_neusiedler

YES! We are ready to travel again! follow us on Instagram and don’t miss a beat.
see you around 😉

….Packaging. Our Green Approach.
We farm biodynamically. Therefor our vineyards are healthy and our soil is rich in valuable humus. Taking good care of our land, which we are actually only administering for our successors, is our top-most priority and it feels very satisfying to be in tune with nature.
But when it comes to packaging, we are, just like all other winemakers, polluters. No doubt about that. Packaging has a big impact. A few clever tweaks with paper, bottles, closures and cases can make a big difference and contribute gravely to reducing waste & CO2 emissions.
Read about our eco-friendly-initiatives here and find out what we do to make this earth a healthier and greener one.

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