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HOW IT WORKS: watch out for natural and organic winemakers, who release wines with the #drinkingagainstsinking label. order directly from the winemaker or from one of the winemakers‘ partners like importers, retailers or wineshops. The income from these sales will be used to help and support the ones hit most violently by this crisis – our beloved natural wine community

HOW WE DO IT: we dedicated our ROSENMUSKATELLER PET NAT 2019 and one barrel of our SANKT LAURENT CARBONIC 2018 to this campaign. We gave all bottles to our importers and partners. For private #drinkers, it won’t be possible to order directly from us. Please watch our Instagram posts for further information about where to buy our #drinkingagainstsinking WINE!

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Our family has been making natural wine for more than 500 years and now it is our turn to continue with this tradition. Alex‘ father taught him everything which he was taught by his father – the knowledge about making ensouled natural wine. Maria & Alex took over the existing vineyards from Alex‘ parents in 2011 with a clear vision on their minds:

We want to share our passion FOR natural wine with you.


Weingut Alexander Koppitsch

Farming brings a lot of responsibility. We are aware of that and treat our land with a lot of respect and care. We focus on Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles and make every effort to provide our vineyards with what they need. Never to lose sight of the holistic approach.
Our top priority in the vineyard is: Lots of hand crafting
Alex does everything by himself, with much help from his dad – Opa Leo. Every single working step is made by them personally. Hence 15 acre of land imply quite some workflow, Alex is always out in the vineyards, whereas Maria takes care of communication and their boys – team future: Jakob & Pauli & Alois


Our top priority in the wine cellar is: low intervention winemaking

We make natural wine. Hence, we reject all forms of artificial additives, except low levels of sulphite supplements with some wines (please take a look at the tech sheets). Fermentation always starts naturally. We don’t have temperature control. And all wines are matured without sulphur supplements. no fining. no filtration.

We craft natural wine WITH joy, tickle, complexity, honesty and soul.


We started our journey in 2011. When we took over the family vineyards – our focus was clearly on varieties. We wanted to explore the different characteristics and facets of each variety we grow (we grow 12 different varieties on 20 different plots) Doing so with a pronounced sensibility for the different soil conditions our vines grow on. Every year our concern for the significance of the soil grew. Why? Because we felt that all single-varietal-wines that grow next to each other develop similar flavors and aromas. This factum lead us all the way to what is essential to us now: our very passionate commitment to soil. Our full commitment to soil kicks off new paths, new challenges and new wines. We changed our portfolio and the names of all our wines and wine ranges. But we will never change our overall proposition –

KOPPITSCH will always stand for

each wine range focuses on a certain aspect of the term SOIL
  1. FUN WINES – TEXTURE like sand, clay or gravel
  2. PERSPEKTIVE – ROCK TYPE like limestone and schist
  3. TOUCH – impact of SOIL to TASTE
  4. AEON – ancient FAMILY LAND
  5. PRETTY [nʌts] –– the PLACE and its VIBE

All our vineyards are in Neusiedl am See. The texture of the soil on which our vines grow are sand, clay, loam and gravel.
The Leithaberg mountains show plenty of limestone rocks and schist.
The Wagram-ridge in the north/northeast shows alluvial soil – large gravel / river stones – from the ancient Danube river.

For more detailed information please visit: www.wein-terroir.at (only in German)

Our vines grow on these sites all located in Neusiedl am see

SEEFELD: sandy soil – HOMOK  + ROSZA + PERSPEKTIVE VINTAGE + PRETTY NɅTS- Grüner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir

NEUBERG: limestone + schist – ROSZA + PERSPEKTIVE WEISS + PERSPEKTIVE ROT + TOUCH + PRETTY NɅTS+ AEON – Chardonnay, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Syrah, Welschriesling, Weissburgunder

PRÄDIUM + HUTWEIDE: gravel  – RÉT + ROSZA + PRETTY NUTS + AEON – Zweigelt, St. Laurent

SCHAFBÜHL: clay soil – JUH + TOUCH – Gemischter Satz white

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