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Koppitsch and we do Natural Wine at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.
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We will have plenty of tastings, meet&greets, parties and Koppitsch-nights in 2024. Please check our Instagram regularly to not miss a beat.

ask your natural wine dealer for DIÓ and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

DIÓ is a new addition to our FUN WINES. it’s 100% Chardonnay from a vineyard that is lined with very old walnut trees. You can expect another energetic FUN WINE, which is definitely the best friend of HOMOK.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY is the name of Perspektive Rot 2021. This vintage marks our 10th anniversary of being in charge of the family’s winery. Therefore we want to celebrate with you! Enjoy an elegant Blaufränkisch+St Laurent blend from the limestone hills.
Since we only make wines from our own grapes, we sometimes have to discontinue one wine to make something new. Say Good-Bye to Perspektive Rot/Happy Anniversary and make sure you grab a bottle or two of the final edition of this wine!


Curious now? These three wines are TRUE KOPPITSCH wines that will make your heart jump! Get them while you can!

get them while you can – our crisp and vibrant NEW FUN WINES

  HOMOK 2023
ROZSA 2023
RÉT 2023
learn more about them here

Pretty Nuts 2023
find out more about our energetic Petillant Naturel here

TOUCH 2022
learn more about them here

if you are craving for some disco vibes get yourself some
★ AEON WHITE 2021 ★
look into its essence here

Something special for you. Our fanbase.
Magnums only.
LEMON Sauvignon Blanc 2021
LEMON Pinot Noir 2021

We don’t sell directly to private customers.
Please get in touch with us and we will connect you with your nearest Koppitsch dealer.


MAY 2024
We are super busy in the vineyard. Due to the very warm weather we had a super early start this year. Compared to a normal year (whatever that means 😉 we are currently 3 weeks ahead. So far so good. Vineyard management is top this year. We are pretty much ahead of things and feel very confident to cope with whatever weather gives us.

What a year! Until March we thought we might dry out, but then – whoop whoop – the rain came. As of today, we had 270mm of rain more than last year and a total of 110mm above the average. The vineyards really needed this water and grew us some beautiful grapes. Therefor harvest was a real treat this year. Healthy vines and healthy grapes were not so easy to grow this year, but Alex worked hard and succeeded again. The yield was not so plentiful, but the grapes were beautiful and very tasty. Hence the quality of all our wines of the current vintage is more than promising. We are super happy with them. Fermentation was slow, but all wines have finished fermenting by now and can relax on gross lees in the cellar until bottling.

MARCH 2023
Warmer days are slowly approaching and nature is just about to spring into live. Alex is in the vineyards binding and fixing broken poles and broken wires. Soils have been opened up during winter to get as much water deep down as possible. Unfortunately, there was no snow and not much rain. Apparently, up to today (mid march), we had a little less rain than average at this time of the year. 2021 gave us about 55mm less rain than average (calculated since 1971). The lack of rain shows everywhere already. The water level of the lake is still very low. The soil in the vineyards is very dry, too. Let’s hope for more rain to come very soon.

LA DIVE BOUTEILLE in Saumur and RAW PARIS have both been absolutely amazing. We met so many of you and had such great conversations about wine, vineyard work and life in general. Thank you all.

for 2 reasons. We do not have appropriate facilities for private tastings. Our winery is basically the home of Alex's parents and we don't have a tasting room. Also, our vineyards and our 3 boys keep us always very busy. In order to keep up with nature's pace and our family's needs, we don't have enough time for private tastings. BUT, in case you are visiting Neusiedlersee and want to learn about our wines and our philosophy, please get in touch with us. There is a chance for tastings at a very cool natural wine bar in Neusiedl am See. NEUSIEDLER is the name of the restaurant. Check out their details on IG: @neu_neusiedler
Our wines are also available at DAS WEINWERK - a really cool wine shop in town that is located in a beautiful historic building. Tasting's are possible there, too, you just need to book it with us: hello@koppitsch.wine

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….Packaging. Our Green Approach.
We farm biodynamically. Therefor our vineyards are healthy and our soil is rich in valuable humus. Taking good care of our land, which we are actually only administering for our successors, is our top-most priority and it feels very satisfying to be in tune with nature.
But when it comes to packaging, we are, just like all other winemakers, polluters. No doubt about that. Packaging has a big impact. A few clever tweaks with paper, bottles, closures and cases can make a big difference and contribute gravely to reducing waste & CO2 emissions.
Read about our eco-friendly-initiatives here and find out what we do to make this earth a healthier and greener one.

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