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About us

Our Story

Our family has been making natural wine for 500 years and now it is my turn to continue with this tradition. My father did not sell wine by the bottle (he either sold grapes or bulk wine), but he taught me everything which he was taught by his father – the knowledge about making ensouled natural wine.

Maria & me started in 2011. We took over the existing vineyards from my parents with a clear vision on our minds: We want to share our passion about natural winemaking with you. Therefore we moved away from being grape/bulk wine suppliers and began to promote our own wine in the bottle.


Weingut Alexander Koppitsch

The basis of quality in our 6.2 hectare (15 acre) estate is found in the decelerated pace of management of our vineyards. This essentially means that we focus on Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles and make every effort to provide our vineyards with sustainability. I do everything by myself. Every single working step is made by me, personally. I try to use machines as little as possible. Even weeding is handmade.
Hence 15 acre imply quite some workflow for a single person, I am always out in the vineyards, whereas Maria takes care of all business matters in general.

Our top priority in the vineyard is: Lots of hand crafting

Only a well-nurtured vine will reap healthy, fully ripened and high quality grapes.


Weingut Alexander Koppitsch, natural wine

Our top priority in the wine cellar is: low intervention winemaking

We make natural wine. Hence, we reject all forms of artificial additives, except low levels of sulphite supplements with some wines (please take a look at the tech sheets). Fermentation always starts naturally without temperature control. And all wines are matured without sulphur supplements. no fining, no filtration.


The exceptional feature of our wines is the distinctive character. The winemaker’s style runs like a thread through all our wines. It is not the fruit, but the terroir that is fore front. You taste the stones, the aromas from the soil. Always subtle, never crude.

Outside the mainstream, we craft naturalwines that have complexity, longevity, honesty and soul.