it’s all about Perspective and focus


It’s magical, it’s vibrant, it’s a new perspective, it’s ginger wine.
It’s another TRUE and very AUTHENTIC KOPPITSCH wine.

ginger wine? What’s that?
that’s the term for a blend of red wine and white wine.First used by our friends from @wardetassocies in Montréal.

ABENDROT translates into AFTERGLOW.
It’s all about NEUBERG, and the grapes from NEUBERG, the vineyard site on which we grow all the grapes for PERSPEKTIVE. Neuberg is mainly limestone and a tiny bit of schist (Blaufränkisch). The Welschriesling for ABENDROT normally goes into TOUCH. But this time, we thought it would be cool to have a wider focus on NEUBERG. A wider focus? Yes, that’s possible!
We believe that everything that grows together, goes together and proof this with ABENDROT. Each variety we are growing on Neuberg is inside this very expressive, vibrant, fun but delicate wine.

We have these beautiful sunsets nearly every day and want to share them with YOU. The color of the wine matches the afterglow colors before they flip into violet and blue.

Koppitsch Abendrot

VINEYARD SITE: Neuberg – limestone
NEUBERG belongs to the best vineyard sites Burgenland has to offer. It is one of the oldest vineyard sites in our area. Vines have been growing here for many of hundreds of years. NEUBERG is a very rocky limestone hill in the northwest of Neusiedl and belongs to the Leithaberg Mountains. Its hills are softly rolling towards the lake and slope either southeast or north south. The soil is diverse, ranging from pretty scarce and surfacing huge amounts of limestone fragments (in some parts schist) to heavy, rich loam .
The vine lives up to its best. The grapes we grow here are always of the utmost quality.  Delivering wines that are very purist but precise – clearly structured and with depth of character – dark but charming minerals amongst enticing fruit notes.

Welschriesling, Rosenmuskateller, Chardonnay, Pinot Bland, St. Laurent, Blaufränkisch

ABENDROT comes in GREEN/brown BURGUNDY-SHAPED cork bottles with natural cork, no capsule, EMPTY BOTTLE WEIGHS 400G

Koppitsch Abendrot

ABENDROT 2021: no added sulfites. alc.11% vol., 0.7g residual sugar; 6.4 acidity, total SO2 12mg, 2.000 bottles produced, bottled on August 8th 2022, harvest September 2021, EAN-bottle: 9120069511796 – EAN-case: 9120069511802