Vintage 2021 marks our 10th anniversary of being in charge of our family’s winery. Let’s celebrate this together with a special wine.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 2021 is a very smooth blend of St Laurent and Blaufränkisch and brings along complexity and elegance.
Find HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in a very festive packaging and cheers to each and everyone of you, who celebrates with us!
Make sure to grab a bottle! It’s the final vintage of this kind of wine!

Previous vintages of this wine were called PERSPEKTIVE ROT.
This is the last edition of this kind of red wine on our portfolio.
After vintage 2021, all the grapes that we used for this wine, have been part of ABENDROT. Since we only make wine from our own grapes, we sometimes have to let go of a wine to create something new. Sorry to let you go, though!

Blaufränkisch 70% Sankt Laurent 30%

BLAUFRÄNKISCH (1 plot, planted 2002) St LAURENT (1 plot, planted 2003) total size 0.65 hectare

The grapes got partially destemmed (approx. 10% stems in the mash) and fermented naturally in stainless steel and fiberglass vats. After about 10 days we pressed the mash and the wine was pumped into barrels (225l Barriques) in the cellar. Everything matured on gross lees for 22 months without any additives, without fining, without filtration and without temperature control.
Various barrels blended together 1 day before bottling.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY comes in brown cork bottles with natural cork, no capsule

Happy Anniversary 2021: alc. 11%, 0.7g residual sugar, 6.6 acidity, total SO2 9mg, NO sulfur added, unfiltered, bottled July 25th 2023, picked September 2021, 3900 bottles produced. EAN-bottle: 9120069511949 – EAN-case: 9120069511956
Perspektive Rot 2020: alc. 10%, 0.7g residual sugar, 6.6 acidity, total SO2 9mg, NO sulfur added, unfiltered, bottled August 8th 2022, picked September 2020, 3800 bottles produced. EAN-bottle: 9120069511758 – EAN-case: 9120069511765
Perspektive Rot 2019: alc. 10.8%, 0.7g residual sugar, 5.5 acidity, total SO2 9mg, NO sulfur added, unfiltered, bottled August 5th 2021, picked September 2019, 2400 bottles produced. EAN-bottle: 9120069511505 – EAN-case: 9120069511512
Perspektive Rot 2018: alc. 11%, 0.7g residual sugar, 5.8 acidity, total SO2 0mg, 5mg of sulfur added at bottling, unfiltered, bottled on August 4th 2020.4000 bottles produced. EAN-bottle: 9120069511178 – EAN-case: 9120069511161


LABEL: for vintages 2016 + 2017 we still used our beloved the birds /swallows label. In our country these are a symbol for true luck. When we started our wine adventure back in 2011 we needed a lot of luck. The style in general is a bit retro and shall remind you of Burgenland labels of the 1950s.


Perspektive Rot 2017: alc. 11.8%, 0.7g residual sugar, 5.4 acidity, total SO2 15mg, 3300 bottles produced. EAN-bottle: 9120069510997 – EAN-case: 9120069510980
Perspektive Rot 2016: alc. 11.7%, 0.7g residual sugar, 6.1 acidity, total SO2 18mg, 1400 bottles produced