JUH 2018

alc. 11.9% vol., 1g residual sugar; 5.7 acidity, total SO2 21mg, 2.100 bottles produced - EAN-bottle: 9120069510911 – EAN-case: 9120069510928
dedicated to CLAY SOIL

JUH Koppitsch

JUH – what it means
Hungarian and translates into SHEEP. We only use grapes that grow on the CLAY SOIL of vineyard site SCHAFBÜHL = sheep hill.

Imagine standing at the vineyard site, taking a look at the lake. find the vintage hidden in the lot-number

KOPPITSCH JUHsnail shell, find JUH easily when opening the drawer

Gemischter Satz / field plant, very old and at the moment we do not know all varieties that grow here. some are: Grüner Veltliner, Brauner Veltliner, Weissburgunder, Welschriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Muskat, Neuburger, and many more.

Schafbühl is in the northeast of Neusiedl am See. This site is a southwest sloping hill, rolling softly from the Wagram-plateau in the north towards the lake in the south. The soil is mostly CLAY, deriving from the alluvial soil of the Wagram plateau mixed with limestone from the Leithaberg. This site grows very intense grapes.

GEMISCHTER SATZ (1 plot – planted 1934) total size0.55 hectare – 1.33 acres

during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. whole bunches go straight into our screw press. no additives, no temperature control. Juice goes straight into one fiberglass tank. racking before fermentation kicks in. natural fermentation. no temperature control. JUH matured on gross lees for 6 months without any additives, without fining and without filtration. At bottling we added 10mg of sulfur. unfiltered.

trivia: We care about our environment and feel responsible for trying to waste as little resources as possible. This is a major issue to us. Therefore we used up all cardboard cases from previous vintages.

JUH comes in clear burgundy-shaped bottles with white screw caps.JUH KOPPITSCHthis wine belongs to our FUN WINES and is supposed to make you happy