taste the Fruit of our ancient family land and feel its energy

Family Koppitsch has been making wine since the 16th century. Therefor we profit from a very long winemaking tradition. Alex’ grandfather and father taught him everything they knew about the weather, each soil type we have, the vines and the grapes. all very precise knowledge, specific to our land in Neusiedl am See. Passed on from generation to generation.
As a farmer one has a very deep connection to his/her land.
Land has always been and will always be: the basis.
Therefor the name:

AEON – meaning ETERNITY (old greek)


Feel the energy of our ancient Family Land

LABEL THEME: (front and back label)

The Universe  ★ Eternity  ★ Our land is the everlasting/eternal constant.
Stars and glitter give some kind of Disco feeling. This is on purpose bc our land is our Disco. Our land is where we dance, get excited, get emotional, get upset, fall in love, get drunk and make new friends. This is how the label connects with the wine.

CORK: natural cork from Portugal. 100% natural. FSC certified. no glue inside. no plastic inside. hand selected. coated with natural bee wax instead of paraffine. disposable with organic
waste. no capsule added.

BOTTLING: always happens shortly before the full moon arises, to enrich our heartwarming wine with the moon’s energy. unfiltered. no sulfites added.

Its overwhelming intensity shows exciting facettes and pushes boundaries, despite being fragile and vibrant at the same time.
This wine will not be available every year