Grüner Veltliner old vines 50% Weissburgunder old vines 50%

VINEYARD SITE: Seefeld. sandy soil.
Seefeld is situated in the west of Neusiedl am See, at the last bits of solid land before the marshes of the lake start. The whole plot is flat, dry and very windy.  Since Seefeld is hot and straight in the haze of lake Neusiedl, the grapes grow very intense aromas.

GRÜNER VELTLINER (1 plot – planted 1978) + WEISSBURGUNDER (1 plot – planted 1980) total size 0.27 hectare – 0.67 acres

PICKING DATE: August 22nd and 24th 2018

during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. 50% goes straight into our screw press (outside in yard). Other 50% are destemmed and kept on skins for 2 weeks. Juice then goes straight into barrique barrels (225L). Grüner Veltliner and Weissburgunder fermented seperately. everything matured on gross lees for 20 months without any additives, without fining, without filtration and without temperature control. Blended together shortly before bottling. We bottled AEON WHITE on March 25th, shortly before the full moon arose to capture the moon’s energy. unfiltered. no sulfites added.