dedicated to our fanbase
a collectible

We thought it’s time to have something special for our fanbase. A special wine with a special story, as COLLECTIBLEs!
Maybe you remember that vintage 2018 of HOMOK made pinking. Alex was thinking a lot about how to prevent this chemical reaction without the use of sulfur. Since we believe that Sauvignon Blanc was responsible for pinking, we picked SB separately and vinified it separately.

We would never have made a Sauvignon Blanc Carbonic if not for the pinking in HOMOK 2018. This fact pretty well matches the saying: When life gives you LEMONS, make lemonade from them. This explains it all, right?

Sauvignon Blanc 100%

VINEYARD SITE – SATZ – clay soil

Sauvignon Blanc grows on SATZ, which has a lot of CLAY SOIL and some SAND. SATZ is opposite Schafbühl in the northeast of Neusiedl am See. This site is a southwest sloping hill, rolling softly from the Wagram-plateau in the north towards the lake in the south. The soil is mostly CLAY and SAND, deriving from the alluvial soil of the Wagram plateau. This site grows very intense grapes.

SAUVIGNON BLANC (1 plot  – planted in 2017)  size 0.09 hectare

in the vineyard, whole bunches were put into a 750l open top plastic-vat, which was then driven back to the cellar. Constant addition of CO2 ensured a precise fermentation. After 6 days, we stomped the bunches and extended the skin-contact up to 16 days. Then, we took off the juice and pressed the mash. Wine went straight into Barriques (225L). natural fermentation. no temperature control at any stage of winemaking. no air-condition in the cellar. occasional batonnage. matured on gross lees for 10 months without any additives. no fining. no filtration. no sulfites added. bottled on August 12th 2020 by hand.

LEMON is amazing! It’s so good, so crisp, so fresh – so much energy that it makes us giggle.

Only 144 bottles have been made. Therefor we did not want to waste a single drop of this beauty by having it analysed in the lab. Sorry, but no data for you this time.
if you wanna know, how it fits into our concept, please find out more here