PRETTY [nʌts]

pink bubbles for all seasons
taste the PLACE and its VIBE

This is a rosé petillant naturel, produced á la method
ancestral, and is supposed to make you HAPPY

The composition of this produce depended on various conditions: ripeness of each red variety, speed of fermentation, available space in winery for manual bottling, the weather – we bottle outside. We do neither have temperature control nor air condition to control or slow down the fermentation process. And of course, we do not add sugar to time bottling. Whenever fermentation is at the right point – we need to start bottling. This means we need to be ready for PRETTY [nʌts] 24/7. But we love our PRETTY [nʌts] so much – it is worth every tense moment we share.

LABEL: We use our much-appreciated design (it shows our village Neusiedl am See) adapted to all 4 seasons. The idea behind – we think that PetNat in general is a very appealing and super fun drink, with bubbles that can drive you crazy (positively – this explains the name), suitable at any time of the year (not only in summer) – ONE JUICE FOR ALL SEASONS with the labeling accordingly.
To make it simple: 4 different/alternating labels for 1 natty juice.

GRAPE VARIETIES: Blaufränkisch 50% Syrah 50%
– this is a vague guess, based on the size of each plot –

Blaufränkisch (2 plots, planted 2000+2002) Syrah (1 plot, planted 2003 total size 0.68 hectare

during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. whole bunches go straight into our screw press. no additives and no temperature control at any stage of winemaking. Juice goes straight into fiberglass tanks. racking before
natural fermentation kicks in. At the right point during fermentation we bottle this wild juice by hand – serious family job, everybody is helping (mum, dad, sister, the boys, Maria and Alex). Then we store the bottles in the machine hall and wait until January. Then we put the bottles into the backyard for cooling. After a few days the bottles are cold enough and ready for the final manipulation – disgorging. We open every single bottle by hand – Alex is the man – fill it up and seal it again. Voilà! Easy 😉

PRETTY [nʌts] 2022: no added sulfites. alc.11% vol., 4.6g residual sugar; 7.0 acidity, total SO2 19mg, 3.200 bottles produced, disgorged on January 22-24th 2023, grapes picked and fermenting juice bottled September 2022, EAN-bottle: 9120069511819 – EAN-case: 9120069511826
PRETTY [nʌts] 2021: no added sulfites. alc.11% vol., 8.4g residual sugar; 5.7 acidity, total SO2 12mg, 3.200 bottles produced, disgorged on January 18th 2022, grapes picked and fermenting juice bottled September 2021, EAN-bottle: 9120069511604 – EAN-case: 9120069511611

if you wanna know, how it fits into our concept, please find out more here