HOMOK – what it means
Hungarian and translates into SAND. We only use grapes that grow on the sandy soils of vineyard site SEEFELD.

Imagine, standing at the vineyard site, taking a look at the lake.

KOPPITSCH HOMOKred bucket, find HOMOK easily when opening the drawer

Grüner Veltliner 40% Weissburgunder 40%Sauvignon Blanc 20%
– this is a vague guess, based on the size of each plot –

Seefeld – sandy soil – Seefeld is situated in the west of Neusiedl am See, at the last bits of solid land before the marshes of the lake start. The whole plot is flat, dry and very windy. Since Seefeld is hot and straight in the haze of lake Neusiedl, the grapes grow very intense aromas.

GRÜNER VELTLINER (3 plots – planted 1978+1980+1990)+ SAUVIGNON BLANC (1 plot – planted 1997)+ WEISSBURGUNDER (3 plots – planted 1980+1995+2018)
totoal size 1.74 hectare – 4.3 acres

during harvest, all grapes are processed in the backyard. whole bunches go straight into our screw press. no additives, no temperature control. Juice goes straight into stainless steel + large acacia and oak barrels (2000L) + fiberglass tanks. all vats racked before fermentation kicks in. natural fermentation. no temperature control. All 3 components of HOMOK (Grüner + Weissburgunder + Sauvignon Blanc) were mostly co-fermenting. everything matured on gross lees for 6 months without any additives, without fining and without filtration. Blended together shortly before bottling without any additives. At bottling we added 5mg of sulfur. unfiltered.

trivia: We care about our environment and feel responsible for trying to waste as little resources as possible. This is a major issue to us. Therefore we only have 1 front-label instead of 1 front- and 1 back-label. We re-use all empty cardboard cases from previous vintages. Our cardboard cases, produced from recycled paper, need not to be sealed with tape – they are only folded up. We have also refrained to print design on them. We use very light-weight bottles to minimize CO2 emmissions. Lessplastic waste, no printand lower CO2emmissions for a better environment.

HOMOK comes in clear burgundy-shaped bottles with white screw caps.HOMOK KOPPITSCHthis wine belongs to our FUN WINES and is supposed to make you happy
HOMOK 2019: alc.11% vol., 0.7g residual sugar; 5.3 acidity, total SO2 16mg, 7.000 bottles produced, bottled on February 25th 2020, harvest August 2019, EAN-bottle: 9120069511048 – EAN-case: 9120069511062
HOMOK 2018: alc. 11% vol., 1.0g residual sugar; 5.2 acidity, total SO2 22mg, 10.000 bottles produced, bottled on February 22nd 2019, harvest August 2018, EAN-bottle: 9120069510935 – EAN-case: 9120069510942